Turmeric Golden Drinks Blend Box
Turmeric Golden Drinks Blend Box
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Turmeric Golden Drinks Blend Box

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Since ages Turmeric has been used for its umpteen health benefits. Right from its medicinal properties to its healing properties, turmeric has been an important part of Indian households.

What makes turmeric a powerhouse of healing properties is a compound called curcumin, which has the ability to get absorbed in the tissues, which benefits to heal the body faster.

Hence, turmeric milk works faster on healing body ache or injuries. In fact, the blend of milk and turmeric works pretty well on injuries and gives the body ample strength to resist the pain. Well, here’s why you must drink turmeric milk:

Amazing health benefits of turmeric golden milk

Induced sleep:
Turmeric milk is an awesome sleep inducer, drinking milk before bedtime with a pinch of this wonder ingredient can give you that perfect sound sleep that you have been longing for!

Anti-ageing properties
Turmeric is a great anti-ageing tonic. Especially, when it is consumed as a blend of milk and saffron. Not only is it good for improving the elasticity of skin, but at the same time it helps in improving the skin tone and reducing the effect of visible lines.

Speedy recovery
Right from Ayurveda to Unani, turmeric milk is known for its amazing healing properties. In case of injuries, sickness and trauma, turmeric works wonders in speeding up the healing process.

Prevents and cures

Enriched with the goodness of nature, turmeric has some amazing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial, anti-allergic properties, which further help in preventing as well as curing several diseases. In fact, a blend of turmeric and hot milk a day can keep several diseases at bay. Try it to believe!

Pain killer

Yes! You read it right, turmeric is a great pain killer. Especially, when mixed with hot milk this golden spice can actually relieve severe pain with its amazing healing properties. Apart from that it also works wonders on skin infections and allergies.

You can now make your own golden blends at home with this golden turmeric blending box.

This kit includes everything you need to blend -

  • Golden Latte
  • Golden Hot Chocolate
  • Golden Gingerbread
  • Golden Chai

You just need to add the milk of your choice.

Each ingredient is packaged individually in 5 - 100g sachets which will make approx 30 golden drinks.

Follow the blending recipe instructions to get started on your tea blending adventure. 

A beautiful selection box that makes an ideal gift for any tea lover!

Blending boxes are pre-order with the first batch being shipped on Friday 19th February.  The first 10 orders will include a free perfect golden drink spoon worth £9.99

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