How To Start & Run A Supper Club or Pop Up Tearoom

How To Start & Run A Supper Club or Pop Up Tearoom

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Do you love food? Entertaining? Creating and cooking delicious dishes?  May be you’d like an extra income or just some social time with friends and family.

Why not start a supper club or pop up tearoom?

I love food, I love creating and cooking and I love creating experiences for other people to enjoy.

I qualified as a chef and hospitality manager back in my very early 20’s and worked in the industry for several years always knowing it wasn’t what I wanted to do, even though I’ve always loved food and serving people.

When I heard about the supper club /pop up revolution about 6 years ago I got excited!  I absolutely loved the concept of doing something I loved without it being a fulltime tying job.  I jumped on the idea and set to work finding out how to start and run a pop-up tearoom and restaurant from my home.

As a bonus I earned a decent amount of money for my efforts and could work it around my other commitments and it became part of getting all I can out of all I’ve got.

It now gives me great pleasure and much excitement to share all my knowledge with others who love to create and love food!  

This course is for anyone who enjoys entertaining, whether you want to run a supper club for family and friends or you want to create a business you love round your other commitments, you will find everything you need to get started and grow.

The course is split in to 4 modules, plus a selection of my favourite recipes and themes and my little black book.  The course includes interactive photo’s & comprehensive pdf workbook for you to download.

Module 1 –

  • Introduction
  • The concept
  • Creating an experience
  • Clear vision
  • Legal requirements

Module 2 –

  • Hosting space
  • Your guests
  • The food
  • Service
  • Pricing & profit clarity

Module 3 –

  • Eliminate overwhelm
  • Marketing
  • Communication plan
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Little things matter

Module 4 - 

  • More ways to earn from your pop up.  This module is packed full of loads of ideas you can expand on your offerings to make more from your time.

My favourite recipes and theme ideas

My little Black book.

And much more!

This course will be live on Monday 17th February 2020 pre order now for a 20% discount – the price goes up on Monday 17th February.

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