Handcrafted Natural Candles Online Course

Handcrafted Natural Candles Online Course

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Turn your kitchen in to a healing apothecary with the Art of Creating Natural scented candles online course. 

I was surprised to find natural candle making is quite scientific.
Becoming a candle maker takes time and experience but this online course will give you all the information you will need to progress and get started in no time!

Learn the science and get the technical knowledge behind natural candle making as we explore different types of wax, how they are used and how to calculate the amounts you need to make the perfect candle.

Using pure essential oils can be tricky, this is where costly mistakes are most often made. 

  • I show you how to get the correct scent loads
  • Teach you about flash points of these delicate oils
  • How to blend oils correctly with your chosen wax.

Temperature is an important key part of candle making, I cover in detail correct temperatures for melt, adding essential oils and pouring your candles.

Selecting wicks can be difficult but my comprehensive course covers different wick choices and how to make sure you have the right wick for your chosen wax and vessels.

The aim of this full online candle making course is to help you avoid all the costly, time consuming mistakes lots of people make when making candles and to get you making perfect candles from day one.

    It gives me great pleasure to share all the knowledge I've learned over many years with others who love natural candles and are keen to make their own to live a more holistic, healthy lifestyle.

    When you have completed the Art of Natural candle making course you will feel confident to create beautiful natural candles.

    The course is split in to 4 modules PLUS a selection of my best blends.  

    What you will learn -

    Module 1 –

    • Introduction
    • Understanding natural waxes
    • The power of essential oils
    • Safe use of essential oils
    • Tools you’ll need
    • Record keeping

    Module 2 -

    • Sourcing your ingredients
    • Storing your products
    • Finding balance

    Module 3 -

    • Creating natural candles
    • Blending essential oils
    • Choosing the correct wick
    • Choosing vessels

    Module 4 -

    • Science of formulation and blending
    • Getting the right scent loads
    • Importance of temperature
    • Importance of correct pouring
    • Natural candle making step by step guide


    Essential oil flash point chart 

    Blend recipes



    Once your order is complete you will receive an instant email with login details and course joining instructions where you have access to the entire course, you can work through the course at your own pace as you have lifetime access.  

    Please be sure to make a note of your login details and keep them in a safe place, your login is personal to you and I don't have access to any details.