The Farm

My farm is small and traditional tucked away between forest and hillside in rural Galloway, Scotland.  I farm here alone, It’s a labour of love as I strive to make my 40 acre’s pay, being creative and getting everything I can out of all that I’ve got has been an exciting and sometimes difficult challenge, over the years I’ve learned new skills and done things I never thought I was capable of doing.  Its brought me to tears and made me swell with pride and happiness, through it all I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do!

Farming traditionally and organically without using any chemicals anywhere can be hard work, I’m not certified organic because of the challenge of finding enough and then being able to afford to buy organic fodder, with the amount of livestock I have it just isn’t viable. 

My livestock are grass fed and free range all year round with cattle wintered out, having access to a large straw bedded barn for shelter as and when they want or need it.

I run my entire holding with just a quad bike and trailer.

With a love for all animals I don’t have a favourite, because of that I’ve ended up with a bit of a menagerie!  I started with two spare lambs and some chickens many years ago, it’s since grown and I now keep a herd of Dexter & Limousin cattle, a flock of Ryeland and Texel cross sheep, pygmy goats, various pigs and chickens, various horses, ponies and donkeys and my dogs!

Having such an array of livestock takes careful management but once I’d got set up it all works well.  I rent extra land through summer for my cattle and sheep and bring them home in winter. 

Our home is shared with an abundance of wildlife, wild birds and flora fauna, living and working alongside nature is the greatest privilege, something I’m grateful for every day.  The freedom I have from this lifestyle is something I could only dream of some years ago.  The connection I now feel with my land is really something special, the independence I have gained is inspiring and the lessons I have learned, priceless!

I have a small farm with big ambitions and probably a lifetime of work!  It’s ever evolving and changing but always challenging!