Soothing Herbal Bath Soak

When building your herbal apothecary, think about adding classic beauty products like floral toners, infused oils, bath salts, or luxurious lotions all of which can be easily made at home from organic ingredients, it's inexpensive and you know exactly what's in the bottle!

Beauty care is an integral part of healing. Just as tinctures and teas can promote healthy digestion and relaxation, herbal self-care rituals encourage whole body wellness and nourish the spirit.

For example, golden calendula flowers infused in oils can promote a radiant complexion and the simple addition of lavender essential oil to baths can relax the spirit. While these spa-like practices and products may seem more indulgent than necessary on the surface, I believe in the wisdom of age-old rituals when it comes to wellness.

Herbs and oils have long been combined with bath therapy to relax the mind, soothe sore muscles, and promote supple skin.  These days, many bath products and cosmetics include ingredients you may not want or are even tested on animals.
While more and more companies are selling ethically made or sourced natural products these can often be very expensive, it’s often more satisfying and a lot more cost effective to make products yourself.
I’ve crafted a herbal bath infusion that is simple and soothing, it smells divine with aromatic flowers.
To make this beautiful, aromatic, soothing soak:

2 tbs lavender
1 tbs rose petals
1 tbs dried rosehips
1 tbs clover blossom
1 tbs camomile flowers
4 tbs Epsom salt
50ml hemp seed oil (sweet almond oil or jojoba oil is also good)
10ml rosehip oil
5ml vitamin E oil

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Add Epsom salt & mix.
Blend oils together then pour slowly over the flower & salt mixing until it’s all combined (don’t add just enough oil to coat everything).

Sprinkle in a warm bath, relax & enjoy.
If you prefer not to have flower floating around you in the bath, put the blend in a muslin cloth, tie & hang over the taps so the water can run through or place in the bath to float like a tea bag.