Smallholding Business Success Program

Smallholders Business Success Program

Learn How To Dramatically Increase Your Income & Turn Your Smallholding into a Thriving Business

Running a household and bringing up children is expensive enough but when you make the choice to take on a smallholding budgets can get stretched to the limit.

I know this all too well.

It's an exciting journey and (in my opinion) the best lifestyle in the world! What could be better than growing your own food, raising chickens, then a few sheep and growing more food. On a smallholding the list goes on!

But there's a problem....
How can you manage all this financially? Whilst managing your household and usual bills on top of trying to build your dream.

There's only so far you can cut back and you can only live so frugally - without starving yourself and neglecting your families basic needs

And where is the joy in that?

The only option is to increase your income. Something I've become pretty good at over the past two decades in multiple different ways.
We all dream of making our income from our smallholding and this is entirely possible.

That's me.  I'm Erica, one woman farm, single mum to three children, home educator to my two daughters, multiple business owner, blogger and mentor.
Moving to my first smallholding back in 2003 was the best thing I ever did but, it was STRESSFUL holding down a full time job and having no funds left at the end of the month to invest ANY money in my smallholding.
That was until I created multiple ways to make a living from my holding and quit my 9-5!
I've never looked back.  I make all my income from my smallholding and run multiple projects on just my income.
Now I love to help likeminded folk create and develop their own incomes from home and build their smallholding dream!

Have You Ever..........
Sound Familiar?

I've been there too! Now I share all the strategies, tools and knowledge I've built over almost two decades of making my living from my smallholding to help you create and launch your dream smallholding business success.

Smallholders Business Success Program......
In the Smallholders Business Success Program 

You'll learn......
  • How to choose the best business idea for you to start with - Cut out all the overwhelm and feeling like you're just going round in circles by pinpointing exactly where to start for maximum profitability.
  • Starting with a zero budget? No problem - it's my speciality!  Generate cashflow even if you are starting with no budget with quick and easy ways to raise cash to get you started.
  • Get your smallholding business and products online easily and quickly, even if you have no tech knowledge.
  • Over 20 time & money saving planners, manuals, workbooks and templates to fast-track you to your smallholding success
  • How to create aligned income streams and create multiple easy to run abundant smallholding businesses using the skills you already have. 
  • Be more productive and save time for a better quality of life and maximum profitability - perfect for those working a 9-5.
Smallholders Business Success Program has been designed for aspiring and established smallholders, homesteaders and ambitious folk that are serious about creating and growing abundant businesses from home.

On joining this self-paced program you have instant and unlimited access to the full suite of learning content and bonuses so they are always available when you need them.
Bonuses - I'm adding in these tools and programs to make your smallholding business start up even easier.

The step-by-step process used to create, launch, & sell from your blog or small business website!

Value £179

Grow - Plan and plant your perfect garden in the space you have!  Includes Garden planning, design, costing & much more

Value £79

Craft - Maximise your time, traditional crafts, skills to learn and much more!

Value £79

Introducing chickens & livestock, requirements, expenses, care, management, record keeping and much more!

Value £79

Save time, energy & money with meal planning, wholesome recipes & money saving kitchen tips done for you and much more!

Value £79

Finance tips, simple ways to help you stay motivated and much more!

Value £79
Smallholders Business Success Program Includes
  • Business Planning tool kit.........(Value £99)
  • 8 Done for you customisable smallholding business plans..........................(Value £552)
  • Weekly systems to get stuff done including customisable templates & planners to free up your time& save you money.......(Value £59)
  • Find your perfect customers training(Value £99)
  • How to optimise every area of your holding (Value £119)
  • More time, more money - Productivity Bootcamp.................................(Value £49
  • All the above bonuses..............(Value £895)
Total Value = (£1872.00)
Join today £397
Creating a business & making the money you want can be one of the hardest things us smallholders have to figure out. It’s one thing to set a money goal, but it’s quite another to bring it into manifestation.

In Smallholders Business Success Program you will find tools you need to make journey so much easier saving you time and money - you just need to concentrate on getting started!


Who is this course for?

Smallholders Business Success Program is for anyone who dreams of creating a sustainable business from home or those wishing to take their existing business to the next level.  Smallholders Business Success Program will help you streamline all aspects of starting and growing your business and increase your current income.   Whilst learning an abundance of time and money saving lessons and finding balance to enjoy everything you are creating and eliminating stress and overwhelm.  

Do I need to be in the UK?
No.  Smallholders Business Success Program is run online and can be taken from anywhere in the world!  I do organise farm tours and social networking events throughout year but these are also done online for those that can't join us in person.

Do I need to live on a small farm, smallholding or homestead? 

Any small business success can be created anywhere!  As can a smallholding lifestyle it's a choice and can be achieved on the smallest plot.  Many of the home based businesses can be set up and run from your kitchen table!

The program has been designed  to suit people wishing to fulfil a dream or passion of working from home with this in mind, what you learn can be fully adapted and customised to your own lifestyle, vision and dream.