My Sottish Terrier Family 

Between my two daughters and me we have a bit of a wolf pack!  All three of us are massive dog lovers and we all love different breeds so we’ve a mix of 6 different breeds totalling 12 dogs – 5 of which are my Scotties!    

Scottish terriers are my favourite, I’ve loved Scotties for years but only got my first girls Damelza and Evangeline in early 2017, not long after that I got my boy Angus.  It was never part of the plan to breed but they are so adorable I just couldn’t resist having puppies.  

Damelza had her first litter of 8 pups in June 2019, Evangeline had her first litter of 3 pups in July 2019.  Angus is proud father to both litters. I decided to keep one pup from each litter, I completely fell in love with all the pups and honestly could have kept them all, it was difficult deciding who would stay with us, in the end the pups that stayed chose us. Amelia and Luna make my Scottie family five – I probably won’t stop there!  

My Scotties go everywhere with me, Damelza, Evangeline and Angus spend all day everyday out on the farm helping me tend my livestock along with my Jack Russel and collie, when the pups get a bit older they will join us feeding cattle and rounding up sheep!  

If you are interested in Damelza or Evangeline’s future litters please get in touch, follow us on Instagram and Facebook where I post all our Scottie adventures!

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My Scottie Profiles 


 Damelza is the bossy one that keeps everyone in line, although not aggressively as she is also the peacekeeper.  Damelza is very headstrong and took a lot of training, she loved catching chickens, chasing sheep and anything else she shouldn't have been doing.  She couldn't go off lead anywhere until she was almost 2 years old.  Now Damelza is the most loyal companion I think I've ever had, she behaves impeccably when we are out and I'd trust her 99.9% to be off lead anywhere.  Damelza never leaves my side.






Evangeline is Damelza's sister, these two bicker some times over toys, sticks etc.  Evangeline is the sensible one and likes to spoil everyone's fun as she doesn't like to play and will take toys away and guard them.  Evangeline like Luna (her daughter) was really easy to train BUT from time to time Evangeline will still chase sheep if she's not kept in check!  I also trust Evangeline 99% to be off lead anywhere.  When we are inside Evangeline's favourite thing to do is guard my bed!  



Angus is Amelia and Luna's dad.  He is the most placid dog you will ever meet.  Angus loves going for walks but isn't interested in doing any farm work such as rounding up sheep.  Angus didn't take any training, he never chased, bolted and was quite happy to just sit and watch the world go by.





Amelia & Luna

Amelia is Damelza's daughter, like her mum she is a work in progress.  Full of character, strong personality and very cheeky, she is just 3 weeks older than Luna

Luna is Evangeline's daughter, again like her mum she very easy to train.  Her laid back personality makes her very easy to work with.  She loves going out for walks and hanging round on the farm, I'm happy to have Luna off the lead most of the time.  Luna does have little battles with Amelia but never wins, she tries to be bossy with the other dogs but that usually ends with Luna getting told off.