Join Me in The Snug

Join me in the snug

Join me in the farmhouse snug

Pull up a chair with a steaming cuppa, sit down and relax with me in the farmhouse snug or may be the gardens, on the farm, in the workshops or where ever I happen to be that day!

2021 is the beginning of an exciting new chapter and a new journey is just about to begin.

I would love to invite you to join me at the start of my journey to re-building beautiful.

In early 2020 I started The Woman That Farms to share a snippet of my life running my small farm in Scotland along with multiple businesses. 

The Woman That Farms morphed into something I could never have dreamed of, I realised the extent of the community that followed my journey as I struggled to hang on to the farm after a crippling betrayal left me almost half a million pounds in debt and with just £17 to my name. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it has been the most humbling experience of my life to be part of such a wonderful community and share all my ups and downs with you.

Over the past few months I've been thinking about creating something exclusive I can share with you, a way to offer a family the chance to win a weekend stay at the farm, a way to show you how I run my days, make money from the holding, how I'm re-building my lost businesses and my life.      

I kept coming back to that sense of community and a way of sharing my life, journey and this new chapter in a more unique, special and intimate way.

I couldn't think of a better way than for you to join me, this will truly be the gift that keeps giving.  For me, this is the beginning and who knows where it might go... 
Every day is full and long and now that the bank are happy for the first time in years I can move forward positively and I want to share the experiences with you... I have big plans for this year and more to get through than ever before (someone told me unrealistic plans.. We'll see!)

As well as exclusive content including everything that's going on at the farm - business, garden, farm, livestock, Scotties, home, food and opening up personally on the highs and lows of living alone, my struggles, being self-motivated and everything else in between.

I'm also giving away weekend breaks every month, discounts to use on farm visits or stays and in the farm shop and hampers filled with gifts from the farm. 

With my events being postponed for the second year, I am thinking sideways.  I do try and create revenue, because I am a business, but I want to give you value.  It's incredibly important to me.

Join me in the snug will start on Monday 1st March and feature an evening with The Woman That Farms.  Before we get in to all the hard work, we'll sit down and relax.  I'll tell you my story (including things I don't publish on any public media) and how I plan to reach my goals.  There will be feature videos - tour of the farmhouse, gardens and grounds, the farm and my business/work areas.

My promise - There will be no fluff or filters, this will be real and raw, there may be some choice words and an occasional F bomb. It will be as entertaining as it is emotional, I won't be hiding anything.  You are joining to follow one woman claw her way back from the very brink and that is what you will get.

Option One
  • Behind the scenes - What I'm working on & creating - gardens, business, farm, home.
  • Personal updates - What's going on in my personal and family life.  How I stay motivated & "Do it all".  What I'm changing in my life.
  • Scottie updates - Watch the Scottie clan help out on the farm.
  • 10% discount on visits and stays at the farm and in the farm shop
£4.50 per month
£45 year - 2 month free
Option Two
  • Everything from option  one
  • Watch the garden transformation & how I plan to make money from the gardens
  • How I'm re-building my holiday let, tearoom and farm shop businesses
  • Help shape the future of the farm - give me your input and suggestions for how I can improve things.
  • Follow the home improvements I have planned
  • How I care for my Scottie pack
  • 15% discount on farm visits and stays and in the farm shop
£10.50 per month
£99 year - 2 month free
Option Three
  • Everything from option two
  • How I deal with and get through tough times, including pages from my personal diary
  • Behind the scenes of my most important business
  • How I manifest the outcomes I want
  • What self care practices I use to stay focused and moving forward
  • Win a weekend farm stay - monthly draw
  • Quarterly gift hamper of farm goodies (P&P charges apply)  Includes homemade season preserves that  I serve and sell in my tearoom, Scottie gift, hand poured natural candle made on the farm, my favourite seasonal herbal tea blend, my favourite farmhouse kitchen recipe cards and other seasonal goodies from the farm.
  • 20% discount on farm visits and stays and in the farm shop
£17.50 per month
£170 year - 2 months free

Since taking on the farm alone in summer 2018, I have successfully evolved the holding from being just a smallholding and family home to a thriving rural business, with a focus on great food, boutique accommodation, quirky shop, and beautiful, productive gardens away from the world to be enjoyed in peace and tranquillity.  

I have overseen a huge shift in the farms fortunes, turning it from a place that was heavily in debt and lost money . . . every . . . single . . . week . . . into business that broke even and eventually became profitable by the end of 2019.  2020 was going to be a great year, where the long-term future of the farm would be secured.  But then . . . oh!  Hello Coronavirus.

2020 was incredibly challenging.  Not only has the boutique B&B been closed for the entire year, the tearoom and shop that previously paid for the farm’s losses, has also been unable to trade, meaning both the B&B and my other service businesses must depend on different avenues of income, this website being one of them, and whatever Covid-19 restricted trade I can generate to survive.

At the time of writing, I am closed to the public and expect to be so until at least March.  Or longer.  With all my workshops and events cancelled for another year - losses I will struggle for a second year to sustain.

The ongoing covid crisis continues to threaten the future of the farm.

The first hurdle to get over in 2021 was to save the farm from repossession which after successfully negotiating a new finance package with the bank I have managed to secure our future here… For now!

This is just the beginning of a new journey.  With this new finance came very hefty fees which on top of the farms running costs I have now drained all the resources I had so, financially I am back too square one.  Very soon the new loan will need to be maintained.

All the revenue generated from this project -
Join me in the snug - will be used to keep the farm running as I navigate through a second year of losses and uncertainty with my service businesses