Herbal Kitchen


Turn your kitchen in to a healing apothecary, there is no better time to ramp up your herbal kitchen what you can create in your kitchen is your best defence against illness

Having studied herbalism, herbal tea blending, nutrition and aromatherapy some years ago in an effort to live a more organic, sustainable and holistic lifestyle I found a new passion, a short time later I launched my botanical drinks & herbal tea company.  After developing my skills and knowledge further it now gives me great pleasure to share all I have learned with others keen to live a more holistic, healthy lifestyle.

My family and I are very, very rarely ill or sick, we have paracetamol in the draw that’s out of date and I don’t remember a time when any of us have taken antibiotics.  For years we’ve relied on a good balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies to keep us well and ward off illnesses.

My number 1, go to, all time favourite is my fire brew for killing off bugs and boosting the immune system, at the slightest sniffle I whip up a batch and take it 3 times a day, I haven’t had a cold for over 8 years.

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