Dog Skills for Humans

Calling all dog lovers that want positive, fun training for your best friend.

Dog skills for humans provides a complete framework of care and knowledge for dog lovers looking for a holistic guide on training with high standards of care, kindness and wellbeing for their dog.

This comprehensive online course includes 26 amazing lessons spread over ten distinct modules PLUS 11 fantastic training video's and new WEEKLY update Videos 

The engaging modules have been designed to teach you everything you need to know about positive training and care.

The comprehensive course includes everything from importance of food and nutrition, problem solving – recall, absconding and more to body language and stress.

To enhance your learning experience there are eleven training videos PLUS new weekly training video's for you to follow. These amazing videos give practical examples of training, making home cooked dog food and treats and more.

There are two options available - get the full comprehensive course

Course Content:

  • Activities to challenge, engage and bond with your dog.
  • Behaviour problems explained
  • Recall/come to call
  • How dogs learn
  • Problem solving – Out of control, absconding, refusing to walk
  • Leads, harnesses
  • Training with rewards
  • Your dogs needs
  • Dog language
  • Leadership
  • Attention seeking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervous behaviour
  • Body language and stress
  • Aggression – stages, types of
  • Diet, health, behaviour
  • Commercial dog food
  • Home cooked food
  • Skin and coat problems
  • Dog treat recipes
  • And much more!


Go for the full training video series including weekly updates and training videos  

Training videos include - 

  • Lead walking
  • Walking with livestock
  • Learn to Stay
  • Recall from a wide open field
  • Home cooked dog food preparation
  • Puppies at play - positive first learning
  • And much more 

Plus weekly training and progress videos and updates

Immediate access to the course will be sent to you by email once your order has been placed.


Having studied dog psychology, behaviour and nutrition and having a pack of eight or more dogs for over twenty years I’ve developed my own techniques to train happy dogs that are my pets but love to work, all focusing on positive training resulting in happy stable dogs. 

Over the past twenty years I’ve bred Jack Russels, Bassett Hounds and now Scottish Terriers, the health and happiness of my dogs is paramount to me, I make them home cooked meals and they spend their days on the farm with me. 

There is no better feeling than knowing I can walk my happy pack of little dogs through a field of sheep without worrying they are going to bolt, chase or attack!

I love helping others, especially dog lovers like me who want happy best friends. It’s through the response I’ve had on my social media posts that I decided to put together a full series of videos and information on training Scotties.  

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