Beating Stress & Staying Energised

Stress is often self-manufactured!

No one likes when I say that, but the truth is a lot of mild daily stress in our life is actually our THOUGHTS working against us.

It's also the demands of life STACKING up on us, day after day, pounding down our confidence.

But you and I both know that stress is REAL.

So how do I deal with stress and stay energised? 

1.  Wake up and say to myself every morning – “Today is going to be a great day”.  Telling myself that 3 times gets me thinking before I get out of bed what amazing things I’m going to achieve that day and lifts my mood before I even start the day.

2.  Read personal development books for at least 20 minutes a day.

3.  Plan my day and set my mindset using a daily journal and always do the thing I dread most first, this sets a positive tone at the start of the day, I feel like I’ve achieved by getting past that dreaded thing and can move on freely without that weight on my shoulders.

4.  Practice gratitude every morning by listing 10 things I’m grateful for, especially when I’m feeling low or stressed, it always reminds me there is so much joy in life and raises my mood and vibration.

5.  I make sure I get a proper break away from work.  I work in blocks of 50 minutes, usually only one 1-2 projects. No interruptions, no checking inbox during that time - just doing work. Then every 50 minutes, I take a break, get water, stretch, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. That resets my physiology, refreshes my mind and I’m ready to carry on.

6.  Take 2 walks outside, every day, no matter what.

7.  Diet.  I pay close attention to what I’m eating and make sure I’m eating and drinking mood boosting foods.

8.  I make sure I’m working on my mission every day, even on days I really feel like I can’t.  Once I’ve pushed myself to take that first step I feel so much better, motivated and uplifted.

9.  I exercise every day, especially when I don’t feel like it!  Exercise always lifts my mood.

10.  I always, always, always mediate at least once per day, usually in the morning upon first waking.

11.  I say NO to pretty much everything unless it directly aligns with my personal and professional goals for the next 12-24 months.

12.  I keep a very tight circle of friends that are positive and good for me.

13.  I watch personal development courses when I eat lunch. Or inspirational video’s, I love Ed Mylett.

14.  I always ask how my family and friends are feeling making sure they’re ok. 

15.  I drastically limit my time consuming news - to just twice per day. I look once in the morning, AFTER I've read, worked out, filled out my planner, ate breakfast, then worked for THREE OR FOUR HOURS. Then I look at the news and social media, limited to just 15 minutes. Then, just before dinner, I look at news and social media one more time, again limited to 15 minutes.  I use news as FUEL not fear and remove/unfollow any negative posts from my social media feed.

16.  I have a strict sleep routine, 3 hours before bed, I don't eat. 2 hours before bed, I don't work. 1 hour before bed, no screens at all (no phone, no Kindle, no TV - sometimes just a book, sometimes just a conversation with family, sometimes a quick stretch or stroll outside).  

17.  I make sure I take time out every week with family or friends, usually a Sunday afternoon and go for a walk, cook a big meal or do something fun – this can feel hard when you’re stressed but once I push and just do it I feel so much better and thankful I made the effort.

18.  I create new pieces of content every day. This keeps me in a contemplative mode about life. Makes me think. And inspire. It's creativity and lifts my vibration.

19.  I only communicate with positive people and steer well clear of any negativity.  I’ve learned over the years to cut people off that don’t raise my vibration, I no longer find it difficult to distance myself from people I know are bad for my wellbeing.

20.  I don't wait for joy to show up someday. I BRING THE JOY. I don't hate the problems of life. I HONOR THE STRUGGLE. I don't live each day with lack of awareness I ask questions about my life to assess if I'm happy with how I live my life, happy with the things that I’m doing, happy with the goals I’m working towards, my mission and I’m no longer afraid to change course if I need to.

Hope that gives you a jolt of goodness today.

Let's all keep a positive attitude and serve as role models during what will be a wild year.

Let's keep committed to our personal development.
Let's lead others and use our voices for good.
We can all be extraordinary, through an extraordinary time.

Erica x