What I'm Working on This Month

February – days are starting to get a little longer, the grounds still frozen and it feels very much like deep winter!  But the world around us is beginning to come out of its winter slumber as the first snow drops appear around the farm and woodland.

January was all about goal setting and planning the year ahead, optimistically getting things ready for a better year than last year.

After all the drama of 2020 – losing my entire service business, fighting to stay at the farm and just focusing on getting through one stressful day at a time I can now see light at the end of that very long, very dark tunnel - in truth I burned a bloody hole in the tunnel and found my own way out.

There is so much I want to do this year; I feel incredibly excited when I visualise the multitude of wonderful things ahead.  Some of the projects are mammoth tasks since I let a lot of the property go last year when it was looking more and more like we’d be leaving the farm.

That lost motivation and reluctance to plough anymore time, energy, emotion and money (I didn’t have) into something that seemed lost has set me back a bit this year with a lot of catching up to do before I can even begin any new projects.

With some careful planning and sticking to schedules as much as possible I’m feeling confident most things will get done and without running myself in to the ground doing everything.

I didn’t cram too much into January mostly because I knew it was going to be a stressful month dealing with the bank and making sure we would actually be staying here. So, instead of piling more pressure on myself I took a little step back focused on the essentials and took a bit of me time in preparation for a busy few months ahead. 

What I’m Working On This Month

My farm jobs take priority – Feeding livestock and providing warm dry shelters at this time of year takes up a lot of my day.  This year’s particularly difficult since the drainage collapsed round my feeders resulting in having to feed cattle on the yard.

Not an ideal situation and a lot of the mud washing down from the hill behind us has washed on to the yard making it as much of a mess as the field.

But there’s always a way round these things, the hardest part is not letting it get you down, keeping your chin up and knowing it’s only temporary – keeping this mindset is something I’ve become incredibly good at!

I spend 20 hours a week working on my herbal tea business blending and packing wholesale orders.  I still have retail orders closed, I can’t keep up with all the packing and shipping – lost parcels, customer support etc and the business can’t sustain the losses of refunds due to missing items.  So, I’m playing it safe until things sort themselves out.

I also spend about 20 hours a week here on my blog and online courses creating new content.  This has become an essential part of my business and replaced the income I lost from closing my service businesses last year. 

I have completely fallen in love with this business and it has helped me stay connected through some lonely months when people haven’t been able to visit the farm.  I love sharing my life on the farm and teaching others some of the skills and knowledge I’ve learned over the years.

This month on the blog I’m working on my 28 day challenge and writing a post everyday - not doing great on this I have to admit but I’m not putting pressure on myself either and fitting in blog posts as and when I can.

My main priority is adding more valuable content to my courses and this is where my passion lies, I love serving others, of course I used to be able to do this in person at my retreats and workshops but that hasn’t been possible, so I changed things and put everything online.

I’m planning a revamp for the holiday let with work starting on that at the end of the month.  I’m also working on a schedule for garden work and work to begin on the farm – starting with the drainage!  And some home improvements are coming up too.

I cook a meal from scratch everyday and plan time out of the week to batch bake cakes, puddings, biscuits, preserves etc for the week so I don’t need to worry about snacks or suppers.

I’m still really taking it easy a bit, making sure I have some time for me – even if that’s just a couple of evenings with my feet up watching a movie with Molly. 

March and April are full on months with lambing and calving, livestock are still in and being fed until as late as May (depending on the weather) March work will start on the farm and gardens and continue throughout the year and in April God willing my holiday let, tearoom and shop will be open again.

I slot in domestic chores as I go along.

I’m planning on launching something special in the next few days… it’s still a secret as I work on fine tuning everything!

Next month things will start to get really busy, I’m getting to the stage when I’m itching for longer days and filling them with lovely things and I can’t wait to see the transformation around the farmhouse and the farm once the days start to warm.


  • Erica, your story is truly inspirational. Not just for all us ladies running farms on our own, but for all women battling against the odds. I look forward to reading about your journey. 💪🏻

    Wendy Dignan
  • Hi Erica,
    I’m excited to hear all about your plans! I farm on my own too – but on a much smaller scale! I’m lambing here too – I hope it’s going well your end
    Debbie – Sanctuary Farm

    Debbie Gordon

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