Too Excited to Sleep

I’m going to cut straight to the chase because I’m soooooo excited to tell you the news from the farm!

So, after a stressful September so far (and part of August too) dealing with the bank trying to hold them off from foreclosing on me, I’d all but given up and started to formulate Plan B. 

Plan B was look for another place quickly because time was rapidly running out. I’ve been battling and battling for years – if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know the struggles last year and then losing my entire service businesses this year because of covid (if not – Welcome! Head over to the blog to catch up).

Couple of things to note here -

  1. I always have goals and put deadlines on everything, I push for the deadlines and don’t often breach them, I also pretty much always reach my goal, if I don’t it’s usually because I’ve lost interest in it or it’s not important to me anymore.  A few months ago I made the decision to have this whole thing over and done with, one way or another by Molly’s birthday which is next week 16th September.  I didn’t tell anyone about this deadline I just wrote it in my Master Plan yearbook and on my goals sheet – which I review every morning and evening before I finish for the day.
  1. Last week I managed to get a Tesco shopping delivery (first time this year)! I did something I NEVER do, and impulse bought an expensive – full price bottle of champagne.  I don’t know why I did it, I couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t even on offer!  When the shopping arrived (I’d forgotten about the champagne) I was really annoyed with myself for being so extravagant when I didn’t even have anything to celebrate.  But something told me – stick it in the fridge, it’ll be there when you need it!  Okay, my subconscious was trying to justify my frivolity!  (Although I did think I deserved it for way over beating the 30 day £10k challenge but had decided to wait and get my hair cut instead)!

I haven’t been able to move forward getting the bank paid because I needed to reach an agreement with my ex regarding final settlement on the property before I could secure funding to clear this debt.  It’s been months and months of bickering and stress!

Late Tuesday afternoon I received an email from his solicitor telling me he’s agreed to the settlement and we can now proceed to get things final and finished!

I almost fell of my chair!

It is over.  It’s finally over.  I have saved my farm and I can now move forward and on with my life after all these years!

So, I did it one week before Molly’s birthday and was so thrilled to have that bottle of champagne!  This achievement needed to be marked! (I was nursing the mother of all hangovers the next morning though)!

I honestly never lost hope and always had full faith that I would get through this. 

Never lose hope or give up on your dream.  I’m not saying it’s easy by any means, it’s a long up hill road but Oooooh so worth it when you get to the top!

I’ve been asked around a million times why I don’t do a Go Fund Me campaign, the answer is; Whilst I have working bones in my body, my health and strength of mind and body I know I can raise the money myself and I truly believe if you want it, anyone is capable of reaching their goal.

Once all legal matters have been tied up I’ll start work on improvements outside, I’ve let it all go a bit this year, between losing the B&B etc and facing repossession I haven’t bothered to do any maintenance work outside at all (those that have visited the farm recently – the drive will be getting fixed shortly haha) so it’s all a bit of a mess!

So, I’ll think of another new project to make extra money to get all the work done that needs doing and I really want to get my gardens back on track, extend growing areas next year and I’d love to get my holiday lets ready to open next year.

Thank you so much for all your support I can’t express how much it has meant to me over this past few months, you have kept me strong on days when I felt I couldn’t keep going.

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