The Up's of Lock Down

So much negativity floating about right now, it’s every where and driving me up the wall!

Humans are negative by nature we focus more on lack than abundance, the glass is always half empty, never half full!  We allow in our heads 6 – 9 bits of negativity to just one bit of positivity, it’s like we thrive on bad stuff and it’s is well and truly showing true right now!

I’ve decided to write about the up’s of the lockdown because there are so many and this thing does hold so much opportunity if people were allowed to see that instead of being constantly barraged with doom and gloom.

With that said, I’m making it clear this post isn’t about belittling anyone’s suffering, denying what is going on around all of us in the world or promoting unrealistic positivity – quite the opposite.  Staying informed and realistic is important, allowing in too much negativity in is damaging.

Without doubt the biggest, best, most positive thing to come from lockdown for me is the time I get to spend with my family.  Both my girls are at home they’re not little children at 22 and 14 years old which I think makes this all the more special.  I’m getting to spend quality time with young adults I’d normally only get a passing grunt from!   My nephew came to stay before the lockdown with his mum (my sister) and have ended up being stuck here with us! It’s been better than any of us ever expected.  Molly (my youngest) and my nephew have struck up an amazing friendship, one I have no doubt in my mind they would not have had without this lockdown. They’ve spent the past 4 weeks doing things they would never have done in “normal” life, building rafts, tree swings, turning an old play house in to a den, cooking meals, picnic’s, board games and loads of other stuff “kids” should be doing.  As a family we’ve had meals together, barbeques, walks and games nights again all precious times we wouldn’t have had.

The kids have also had the opportunity to help with lambing and calving which they’ve loved and would have missed if it wasn’t for lockdown.

Getting caught up with so many outstanding jobs in the garden and on the yard that should have been sorted out a long time ago has been liberating.  One of those things I feel great about now and don’t know why I didn’t do them sooner.

If you’ve followed me since the start of the lockdown you’ll know I’ve lost half my business, which should be a disaster but the other half of my business has flourished.  This has enabled me to help so many people and given me the opportunity to give away loads of free resources.  I’ve made some amazing connections with people I’d never have met without this lockdown.

I know when it all started I did feel a little panic, particularly as I had to close my physical businesses but I immediately started to look for things I was grateful for and there were plenty.  The point is, I know things are not the best for people right now but it is what it is and if we make an effort to be grateful, try and be upbeat and see the good that is coming through, instead of focusing on the negative that bombards us daily, we realise that we can and will get through this and we will be better for it.

Keeping the good flowing through, these are only dark times if you believe they are.

Let me know how I can help you.

Much love, stay safe, strong and positive

Erica x

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