The (Unexpected) Side Effects of being a smallholder

People are often surprised when they visit my old farmhouse to find a host of modern things mixed in with all my old, antique items.  My ultimate aim in life is to live happily, healthily and abundantly to help me achieve that I add things to my life that make it easier.

I dress like a "normal" person, I do my hair and wear a little make up and some times paint my nails red... on a recent visit to my local butcher he commented "Those aren't farmers hands" because I was wearing nail varnish! 

I love my small farm and all the work it entails, I spend the majority of my time in farm gear and muck books.  I love creating good wholesome, nourishing food in my farmhouse kitchen but outside the farm we're just like everyone else.

This year has seen a boom in interest in this smallholding life with thousands of people now looking to grow their own food, keep a few chickens and live a more self sufficient life.

If you're one of them, you are doing the right thing!  But this lifestyle is addictive - in a very good way.

The (Unexpected) Side Effects of being a smallholder

You develop a burning desire to be more creative and learn old fashioned skills.

Your kitchen becomes a hive of activity as you pick up cook from scratch recipes and sink in to the joy of producing hearty meals and filling your freezer with home made pies and pastries.

You'll find yourself spending evenings reading gardening books and learning things about your garden you never knew were possible.

Things start to worry you less as you shift in to a different mindset and see the world differently.

You'll feel increasingly more comfortable in your own company away from crowds and hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You'll naturally start to gravitate towards skills you never imagined you could achieve and find you can actually do them effortlessly.

You'll want to try things you never even thought of before.

The urge to make money from home will become almost overwhelming.

Becoming a smallholder is a doorway to endless possibilities of growth in pretty much every area of your life.  It's more than just a hobby it's a lifestyle and way of life as your goals become much bigger and life takes on more purpose.

There is one thing I promise you if you take the leap to become a smallholder, it is a decision you won't regret.  I wouldn't change a thing about my smallholding life. 


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  • People have NO idea the amount of work it takes to live the self sufficient life. That’s why we have labor saving gadgets. Let them eat came!


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