The Scottie Clan, Big Decisions and Physical Product Business.

The Scottie clan are a big part of my life, they are my best, best friends, we spend all day everyday together and they go just about everywhere with me.  There’s no wonder really that a lot of my social media are Scottie posts! 

Dogs have always been a big part of my life, through my adult life I’ve always had a pack, we currently have 15 dogs between us! but these guy’s are special!

My two eldest girls Damelza and Evangeline are 3 ½ years old, when I first started taking them out with me on the farm they were a nightmare for chasing chickens – they made a bee line for one cockerel in particular and almost killed him on more than one occasion.  When walking in the fields they’d chase livestock, wouldn’t come back, grab sheep and caused me no end of stress. 

I have to say Scotties have been the WORST farm dogs I’ve ever had!  It didn’t take long for me to realise I was going to have to spend quite a bit of time training these fiery little dogs if I wanted them to work with me!

Having studied dog psychology, behaviour and nutrition and having a pack of eight or more dogs for over twenty years I know a thing or two about training dogs, I’ve developed my own techniques over the years focusing on positive training, I hate shock collars, choke chains and any kind of corporal training or punishment, I also dislike tricks and gimmicks our dog’s aren’t here to entertain us or beg! 

It may take me a bit longer to get to where we need to be but the patience pays off three fold when I can walk my happy pack of little dogs through a field of sheep without worrying they are going to bolt, chase or attack!

I love helping others, especially dog lovers like me who just want happy best friends and it’s through the response I’ve had on my social media posts that I decided to put together a full series of videos and information on training Scotties.  It’s been in the making for a number weeks as I’ve tried to cram in as much as I can but it’s almost finally ready!

You can find out more about it by clicking here.

More Scottie news!  I’ve already told my newsletter subscribers this exciting news – Damelza is in season!  I had decided a few weeks ago that it would be nice to have adorable Scottie puppies again this year and as always subscribers will hear any news first!

If you’ve read my last few blog posts you’ll know after getting over the initial shock and panic of closing down all my service businesses I’ve actually enjoyed the changes lockdown has brought into my life and for the first time in years I’ve been able to take it easy!

There have however been some difficult decisions to make on the way forward from here and what I do in the future.  I’ve put a lot of thought into it and have decided I’m closing my service business for good.

My online businesses have flourished so much they more than take the strain of losing my service business income and for less than a quarter of the work.  Plus, I’ve realised what I’ve been missing all these years with family and just looking after myself!  So, as much as I’ve loved every minute of welcoming guests and looking after people it’s time I put myself first.

This is a bit of a rant!  As well as my online courses I have my physical products business – herbal teas and botanical drinks, natural candles etc and I’ve been selling items from my little farm vintage junk shop online.  I mainly use Amazon FBA (Fulfil by Amazon) for physical products but it’s not really suitable for the vintage items I sell, I’ve also been selling my teas on my website when I can keep up with Amazon stock and wholesale orders.  I love Amazon, it takes all the stress away from packing and shipping individual orders and because I use FBA they take responsibility of any mishaps with missing parcels etc.

Well, as if things haven’t been hard enough for businesses throughout this pandemic, it’s proved a real challenge for online retailers having to deal with shipping companies, who I know have been extremely busy and no doubt short staffed but frankly they just don’t give a damn!  I do consider myself one of the lucky ones having sent out almost a thousand parcels this past three months and only about 2% of my parcels have gone astray – I know some people have lost up to about 7% of their orders!

It’s frustrating for customers who’ve paid their hard earned cash for goods they want and then can’t get an answer as to why they haven’t received their items and it’s hard for small businesses to keep on taking the loses and I’m not just talking about financial! 

So, another decision I’ve made, for the next few months I’m only going to sell my physical products on Amazon to avoid the stress of anymore lost items that somehow magically disappear into the parcel obis! 

The Good Life Club – my new Facebook group is such a lovely place to be with so many inspirational people, ideas and tips, if you haven’t seen it yet click here to find out more.

It’s set to be a hot weekend!  I hope you are managing to enjoy some of the lovely weather, I plan to shear my sheep if everything goes to plan!

Much love.  Stay safe, strong and positive

Erica x

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