The BIGGEST mistakes I've made (So far)

Almost twenty years in, and if there’s a smallholding mistake to be made, believe me, I’ve made it.

I have an amazingly bad habit of taking on way too much and thinking a task such as erecting fencing will take just an hour or two - only to find it takes a day or two.

Ive had more lambing disasters than I can count, my journey into this smallholding life hasn’t been without a whole lot of messy learning curves.

These mistakes are a gateway to a life long learning journey and I’m a big believer in the power of failure.

I also find it incredibly refreshing to learn from other’s mistakes!

To assist you in your learning journey as a smallholder, I don’t find it embarrassing in the slightest to present to you my biggest mistakes so far...

Mistake 1 - underestimating massively the cost of a job such as fixing my barn roof, attempting to do it on “the cheap” only for if costing a lot more in the end. 

Mistake #2: Thinking owning a smallholding would make me money through raising livestock and selling surplus garden produce. This is more on the livestock side that ended up costing me triple what they brought in.

Mistake #3: Not getting all I had out of all I’d got - If I had seen what was right in front of me in the beginning and diversified I could have left my job and made a living from home so much sooner.

Mistake #4: Being way too over confident - instead of taking the help & advice in the early days from willing & free mentors in the farming world I thought I knew it all. Fortunately, I saw the error of my ways eventually (after many hard lessons) and accepted the mentorship.

Mistake #5: Putting the holding above my family - this is the hardest one for me to admit. Through my pig headedness I put the smallholding above my family and lost so much frugality family time with my children. Nothing is more important than your family.

We have to make mistakes to learn but sometimes we have to realise that ego comes in to play and mistakes can be avoided.

I am still almost 20 years after moving to my first smallholding on a learning journey and I know I still have so much to learn.

I hope you love your journey as much as I have.

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