Staying Positive By Helping Each Other

As the world retreats through the unfolding of this pandemic, a lot of people understandably feel afraid, confused, overwhelmed and uncertain.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you and yours are safe, well and taking good care of each other.  I’m here on the farm with my two daughters as we prepare to hunker down for the foreseeable, but this is not going to dampen our spirits.

As you know we live rurally and consider ourselves very lucky, however we are still very much affected, my little rural business has today been hit as guests booked for upcoming retreats cancel one by one, my little junk shop has had no visitors and events I was booked to attend with my herbal teas and botanical drinks have been cancelled.  All the businesses I own are essential elements to the survival of the farm.

This isn’t the end of the world, I don’t see this as being negative, I’m not stressed and I’m not afraid.  I’m seeing it as another opportunity to get creative, what else can I do?  How can I make this better?  How can I use this in a positive way?

I’ve written this blog post to help and encourage, shine a glimmer of positivity and hope on what seems from the outside like a hopeless situation – BUT - out of adversity lies opportunity, we are all in this together, let this inspire compassion, awaken your spirit, rearrange your priorities and bring you together with your family and loved ones.

As well as following advice to wash hands thoroughly also think about building up your first line of defence – your immune system, this is so important and something I’ve posted about a lot over the past couple of weeks on social media, it’s also a positive distraction creating delicious immune boosting meals for you and your family gives you something worthwhile to focus on and creates good habits for the future. 

Mental, emotional and physical selfcare is also so important when keeping our immune systems strong, stress weakens our immune system, I’ve includes some tips below for managing stress, fear and anxiety.  The healthier we stay, the stronger we’ll be for our families, friends and each other.

The way I’ve trained myself over the years to control negativity, negative self-talk, negative information clogging up my brain space, creating stress, fear and ultimately halting any progress is through a few simple daily practices.

  1. I never, ever allow myself to take in too much negativity – for example, I don’t ever watch the news or read newspapers. Instead I look at the headlines pick out things that look important or something I think I should know about/be aware of read it with a pinch of salt and move away from it.  Particularly now at a time like this when people are already afraid, social media is rife with so much negativity, scare mongering as I call it, it’s not worth going near and filling your head with even more bad news – most of which is probably rubbish.  Our brains are hardwired to take in 6-9 bits of negativity to every one bit of positivity, so do we really need to overload ourselves with so much negativity we already know just drags us down.
  1. The first thing I do when I get up is write down 10 things that make me happy, that I’m grateful for and that I love in my life. Gratitude works because everything you are writing down is true, the things you are grateful for are in your life, thinking about all the things you love lift you to a higher vibration making you feel positive.
  1. When I’ve finished my daily gratitude I spend at least 20 minutes meditating. Years ago I struggled with meditation I couldn’t do it so I didn’t!  It has only been in the past few years when I discovered new meditation techniques that I started to practice and honestly meditation has changed my life.  There are so many apps and websites these days with guided meditations there is one out there for you and I highly recommend if you don’t already, you should try and make meditation part of your daily routine.
  1. If I’m feeling particularly stressed or down I journal. I’ve been journaling for 10 years, having somewhere to release those negative thoughts or feelings is crucial otherwise they may end up spilling on to your family, getting it out even on paper means you’ve let it go and can move on.
  1. Whenever I’ve been in a stressful situation – well, take today for example, my little business has just lost a few thousand pounds that actually I need and can’t afford to lose. So, I could have got all upset and even more stressed (assuming I was already stressed, panicked and afraid with the virus) and wondered why this was happening to me and wished for something different.   But, it is what is it, there is no point wishing for something else because this can’t be changed, I accept that this is happening, I’ve embraced it and now I can take action, find a way around it, think of solution from a place of clarity not stressed out panic.  If I can be okay on the inside I can function properly on the outside. 

All of the above are simple, practical tools that will help you or someone you know.  In this weeks newsletter I’ve included 15 immune boosting recipes to help you stay well and more practical tips to stay mentally and emotionally strong if you haven’t already become a Woman That Farms VIP click here to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

We are all in this together, lets help each other by staying strong and positive and remember:

Everything is temporary, this too shall pass.

Much love, Stay safe and strong

Erica x

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