No Down Time On The Farm

It has been such a busy time on the farm since I last wrote, I’ve hardly had a minute to stop.  Winter months are long and so physically demanding, the rain and mud this winter has made most of my days just drudgery, horrible and made me feel like everyday I’m fighting a loosing battle to hold everything together.  But it passes, I keep going because I know it will soon come to an end, I learn lessons every year and make changes necessary for next winter hoping I’m ultra-prepared!

It seemed to pass very suddenly, one minute I was knee deep in mud the next my fields and gardens are dried out and crying for a sprinkling of rain so the grass will grow.  Just literally as the rain stopped and the earth started to warm up my first lambs entered the world it was perfect timing.  I only have a small flock these days of 25 ewes, which I’m really happy and comfortable with as even with just that small number lambing was hard work.  I’ve ended up with three spare lambs and I’m bottle feeding another, he is with his mum but she’s old and doesn’t have enough milk to keep him going.  I’m so proud of this old ewe, she’s one of my first sheep and at 16 years old she did an amazing job of having triplets.  Unfortunately, one didn’t make it, her little girl was so tiny I knew she wouldn’t survive if left with mum so she’s one of our pets but this big lad was strong from the start and although she doesn’t have enough milk to feed him, he’s her reason to live so they are living happily in the orchard and he gets fed with the other’s.

As lambing was almost at an end calving started, my hardy Dexter girls are experienced mothers, I rarely need to intervene but I keep a close eye on the herd to make sure everything’s going smoothly and I’m on hand if there’s any problems.


My gardens have burst into life so I’ve scheduled in time to work on these keeping the lawns short and neat and weeds at bay.  I love working in the gardens and have always taken so much pride in them, I find it so therapeutic and rewarding, but I have felt quite sad and disappointed this past couple of weeks.  By now I would have lots of people enjoying the spaces I’ve created, B&B guests, retreat guests, people that visit my open gardens and pop-up tearoom always loved sitting out in the tranquillity.  Alas, no one is here.  I also can’t help looking round and thinking about the massive investment I spent in creating this small sanctuary and feeling it’s all going to waste.

An abundance of wild garlic has shot up in my woodland, I love wild garlic and take full advantage of the short season we have it.  Wild garlic grows in damp woodland amongst blue bells, it's at it's best between April and June the leaves and flowers can be made in to all kinds of delicious foods and eaten but be careful not to confuse it with Lilly of the Valley as this is poisonous.  I made this delicious pesto, it's so quick and easy to make - I'm adding the recipe to my website for you to try along with a few others that are just as delicious.

I had a bit of a nerve-wracking couple of weeks after having to close a lot of my businesses down for the foreseeable, incomes I rely on to get me through the year wiped out overnight.  However, I made myself a promise in 2008 when I almost went bankrupt in the financial crisis that I would never leave myself financially vulnerable again, over the last 12 years I’ve set up multiple side businesses that are now bringing in an income to see me through this crisis.

Online businesses are booming right now and I consider myself so very fortunate to be part of it, I thank my lucky starts that I spent all those hours researching, learning and setting up businesses that are now flourishing and bringing in triple what my service business would.

I asked myself how I can help others through this time?  I know there is no better time to make an online side income and I know how easy it is to get up and running.

So, I reduced the price of my best selling online courses and in this weeks news letter I tell you what I’ve learned and how you can apply this knowledge to build a second income source using skills you already have, if you don’t already subscribe to my newsletter click here to become a Woman That Farms VIP.

As always my mission is to help others live, love and thrive, to improve every area of their lives, so I’m always thinking how I can serve, set a positive tone and give you as many tools as I can to help you get through and succeed, not just in these times but always. 

Much love, stay safe, strong and positive

Erica x

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