My thoughts on having a thriving creative business

Over the past seventeen years I’ve started a number of creative businesses usually from nothing and probably never intending for half of the things I was doing to ever even be a business.  I’ve made an income from things you’d never think would make any money.

Last year I’d created my absolute dream businesses, I’d finally got there and was at the pinnacle of my creative career exactly as I’d envisaged it for decades.

I’m multipassionate, meaning I love doing so many things I often don’t know when to stop.  Over the years I’d tried to fit in everything I wanted to do in my life at once, but one time failed so miserably I almost lost everything.  That experience knocked my confidence quite a bit and slowed me down for a while.

Despite the troubles and struggles I’ve had over the past 5 ½ years of being here I knew when I found this place this was were I would finally be able to do everything I wanted. 

My first love is my farm and animals but I have always loved serving people. I trained as a chef and gained a diploma in hotel and catering management in my late teens and eventually in my twenties got my dream job in a tearoom and brasserie where I created delicious dishes and served people.  I worked in that job for 5 years but as I grew so did my passions and ideas, I needed to break out and take my own creative path.

Twelve years later I found this farm and it had it all!  A house big enough to accommodate guests, rooms on the ground floor I could turn into a tearoom, a cellar I converted in to my candle workshop and tea blending rooms, a kitchen with separate rooms which enabled me to become a food registered business, a beautiful building I turned in to my vintage farm shop, abundant gardens for parties and the retreats meant other big hearted creatives could teach their skills too.

Then lockdown happened and it all stopped.  I think I panicked for about a week whilst refunding thousands of pounds of bookings and paying for hundreds of pounds of food and supplies I’d purchased from suppliers for the first retreat of the year which was due to start the weekend of lockdown!      

My creative mind never let me down and I managed to pivot quickly and keep creating and serving people, all be it from a distance!

It has never ceased to amaze me how doing what I love enables other people to do what they love, it got me thinking about the ripple effect of any of us following our hearts and doing what we love. Other people sense it, get inspired by it, start asking themselves why they can’t do it too, and we become beacons for others feeling stuck or unfulfilled. The reward of that is almost as precious as the doing it ourselves.

It isn’t always easy, and confidence can be a massive barrier to creative success, that’s why I’ve added lots of free resources to my blog including Kitchen Table Start-ups a guide to how I got started with creative businesses from my kitchen table.

The best thing I have ever done is follow my heart, it takes hard work, determination and a lot of self-belief but I do hand on heart know if I can build a thriving creative business anyone can!

My business has grown ten fold over the past two months, I feel like this month has been the best most creative month ever with so many new things going on, to give you a glimpse, so you can see how much variety there can be in a creative business –

  • Last week I launched The Good Life Club. A private facebook group to Share stories, projects, delicious food recipes, creative ideas, natural health, tips, creative business and anything that’s part of your good life.
  • My free course creation masterclass has helped so many people turn their skills, knowledge and passion into online courses that help other people
  • I’ve added business blueprints to creative online classes to help you start a business from home and have your own thriving creative business.
  • I learned a new skill and launched my cute Scottie dog printables that have been popular with Scottie lovers and creatives
  • We are on the countdown to the release of The Scottie training series – a selection of fun and inspiring videos and resources to help train your scottie.

On a personal level, I've never had as much time to spend with my family, we've had creative fun, delicious food and made precious memories.  I've enjoyed the gardens more than I ever have and had more time to spend with my beloved livestock. 

That’s just a snippet of so much goodness in such a short space of time! Thank you for being part of it, and for believing in your own potential to do what you love. It’s an ongoing journey for all of us, and I am so grateful to share it with you.

Much love.  Stay safe, strong and positive

Erica x

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