Is Smallholding Life Really the Simple Life?

After almost two decades as a smallholder the one thing I prioritise is making my life as simple as possible.

life is hard enough - especially when running a small farm, multiple businesses and a family. So I have tried to develop as many ways as possible to keep things simple.

But many of my working days make me feel like  I don’t know as much about simplicity as I think I do.

Sitting here writing this post I think about what my week has been like....

One of my Scottie girls had pups 3 weeks ago. the pups are now out of the nest, eating solid food and making a mess!  An extra 6 hours of work every day for the next 9 weeks, trying to simplify this is practically impossible.

I had the last of my sheep to shear. In my wisdom, after my electric clipper broke down again and because it’s so late in the season I decided to take on the task of hand clipping all 30 of my sheep (not exactly simplicity)!  This labours task took about 3 days to complete my back could only take about 10 at a time, then there were the escapees to find, round up and bring in to be done.  On top of that I had the lambs to sort with ewe lambs back out on the hill and ram lambs kept back for market, the rams lambs can be pretty wild and don’t like to be caught, one trying to escape jumped right at me and head butted me square on the forehead!

Our abnormally wet and humid summer has made the gardens shoot up. Not in a good way, especially when you already have a million other things on the go.  I’ve had to fit in extra grass cutting because after just a few days the lawns are looking like meadows and weeds are sprouting up faster than I’ve ever known.  So, I’ve been running round like crazy when I finish other jobs in an evening trying to keep on top of the gardens.

I’ve got to make a living.  So, when I finish my farm rounds and duties I start work making a living blending my herbal teas, checking and ordering Amazon FBA inventory, welcoming customers to the farm vintage shop, ordering and packing The Woman That Farms clothing orders, replenishing my organic skincare stock, replying to mentorship program, writing new online courses and updating social media!

When I speak to my sister, who isn’t a farmer and has no interest in country living - she goes to work, comes home, eats, takes her dogs for a stroll, relaxes and watches tv before heading off to bed.

After speaking with her I wonder... who really has a simple life?

Country life and smallholding living is not a simple life - rather a fulfilling life and I would not change a bit of my life to live a simple life!

it’s a total misconception that country living is simple. it’s an idealistic way of marketing a country property but not the reality of living in the countryside.

Everything we do as smallholders takes a lot of time and energy, it takes a lot of work to keep a smallholding running - not to mention growing and developing.

With all that said, I would not give my smallholding life up for a simple lifestyle living in a town with no animals or garden.

This smallholding lifestyle can be emulated anywhere and is absolutely worth all the hours of hard work.

Simple.. NO

Fulfilling... absolutely!

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