How I (DON’T) Do It All

frequent comments on my social media are “how do you fit everything in” it’s the question I get asked most - after how do I make my living on my smallholding.

Time management really is a big deal to smallholders particularly as we always seem to be juggling so many things at once.

I run multiple businesses along with my smallholding and homeschooling my daughter - I used to homeschool both my daughters along with everything else but my eldest daughter is now 22 and past school age.

I see it more as not - how do I do it all - but rather - why do I do it all!

I’m multi-passionate and I guess that makes me high energy. However, I really don’t do it all, at once anyway!

Organisation has a big part to play in getting most things done. But prioritising and deciding what’s important to me that week despite having multiple priorities.

I homeschool, I run my small farmI run multiple businesses, I have my Scottie dogs, and at all times, I’ll have some other project happening around the farm.

I’ve found that if time management is done the right way (and believe me many times I’ve done it all completely wrong) life can run very smoothly.

These days I have the organisational skills I need fine tuned enough that I can run multiple projects at once... but I also included in that taking time off with my family, enjoying time with my horses and livestock and doing the things I love.

To manage your multiple projects you have to think about your own life and how best to organise your priorities. The truth is someone else’s time plan probably won’t fit yours.

So how do I “manage to do it all”?

Time Management Tips

1. Choose what to prioritise. What do you value most in your life? What’s most important that day or week to you?

Do you still have things on your To Do list from the week before?... then is it really that important?

2. Look for balance in your priorities. Make sure to schedule time for yourself.

a mistake I made over many years was filling my lists with work, work, work. And I realised - It’s not sustainable. 
Be sure to take time for you to rest and restore.

3. Don’t try to make everything perfect. 
there are times when we are insanely busy, it’s stressful & tiresome!  And it’s ok to cheat sometimes.

There are days, weeks, and months when I pick growing my business over growing the farm. Or I pick having a good day homeschooling my daughter over weeding the garden.

I don’t walk my dogs everyday.

I don’t bake all of our own bread.

We eat our evening meal late most of the time.

Sometimes I have big gardens, some years I have little gardens. And some years I just have dead gardens.

I chose a lifestyle, not a prison sentence!

It really doesn’t matter what your neighbouring smallholding is doing.. it matters what you do and how you feel. Never put yourself under pressure and stress trying to do it all. The truth is no one really does it all.


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