Full Steam Ahead

It’s almost the end of January, the days are drawing out and life is starting to appear in the gardens again, beautiful little snow drop’s and daffodils are just beginning to poke through.  We haven’t done bad this year for frost it’s been quite mild so far with just a flurry of sleety snow but it’s wet!  The ground is soddened and struggling to cope with even the slightest light shower.

I managed to snatch a couple of hours in the front garden this week to rake up the last of the leaves dropped by the huge copper beech, this should have been done months ago but I let things go a bit at the end of the season, which I feel terrible about, my beautiful gardens have looked so sad for the past couple of months it’s been depressing to look at them.  Now we have a little extra light each day I’ve promised myself I’ll do some work on dry days to get caught up, even if it’s just a quick half an hour pruning, I’ll soon able to get back on top of things.

The farm can be hard work at this time of year, especially with the ground being so wet and muddy, slopping about in mud is no joy!  But I’ve developed a good routine to get through my daily duties and even in the pouring rain, icy winds and mud I take so much joy from the farm every day.

January has been an amazingly productive month, looking back over the weeks I’m pretty chuffed with what I’ve achieved.  I’ve finally sorted out my large outside storage building and set it up as a quirky, unusual vintage junk shop, I advertised quite a few things for sale on Facebook market place along with a little info about my shop, the response was amazing!  I sold a lot of things on market place and to my surprise, because we are well out of the way, had a number of visitors to the shop.  I also went out delivering large pieces of furniture that people had bought.

My little blending rooms are back in action after the Christmas break and I’ve been busy blending, packing and labelling teas and botanical drinks.  I spent a bit of time at the end of last year developing beautiful new candle blends, I use soy and coconut wax with pure essential oils and hemp wicks for my natural therapeutic candles.  My little candle workshop has also been in production and I’ve been busy blending and hand pouring candles.

The farmhouse kitchen has been a hive of activity with my new home baked dog treats, after moths of research and development these are new product’s I’m adding to my offerings this year.

It’s been full steam ahead as I was thrilled to be offered a stall at one of Edinburgh’s weekend food markets from the 8th February, I love doing markets and food festivals getting out meeting new people and selling the things I hand produce on the farm is so rewarding.

Next week I’m ordering all the seeds for flowers, plants and veg I’m going to grow this year and get my seed trays ready, potting shed clean and tidy and start building my new raised veg beds with the old sleepers I was given by a friend last week.

E x

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