Enjoying A New Normal

It’s been a week of ups and downs – more ups I have to say but I think the downs are affecting me more because I actually have time to think about things instead of how life would usually be, which is ‘Okay, this has happened, deal with it move on.’  End of! 

I’m liking it.  People assume because I live out in the countryside I have a slow paced life, I may not leave the farm often but I am always – in “normal” life running round at 100 miles an hour.  But we’re not living “normal” life now and suddenly after years of doing a million things at once it’s all stopped and now I only have a few things to do.  I can always find something to do, there is always something to do but there isn’t the urgency that I’m used to and I’ve kind of embraced that.

I’ve slowed down for the first time in years, I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I’m loving it!  It’s made me realise how many small but wonderful things I’ve missed all these years, I’ve never walked through my own woods when there’s been a carpet of bluebells or enjoyed so much taking my Scotties out for a walk and the family time I’ve missed out on just makes me feel sad.

There is also the other side of this, the side I never like to face and like to get over and done with as quickly as possible – death.  It doesn’t happen often fortunately, but this week I lost one of my beloved Dexter cows made worse because she had a new calf.  I’d usually be so busy with everything else I’d just deal with this and move on but I didn’t really have a lot to move on to this time except looking after the calf so I’ve dwelled a little more on the death than normal.

Farm life is real life and we deal with all kinds of things including keeping livestock alive and dealing with things when they die.  I have the grim task of moving bodies out of fields which is grim when the best I have is a quad bike and trailer, not the most ideal thing for a cow but I make it work. I didn’t feel any sadder than I would normally I must have got hard to it, but the big plus side – I get to spend lots of time with this adorable calf.  I haven’t hand reared a calf for years so it is quite nice and this little guy will stay entire and become a new stock bull.

My gardens are now pristine as is my house after having a big spring clean, it’s left me with loads of time to help other people which I’ve loved!  My service businesses might be closed but I’ve found other ways to serve people, by reducing my best selling online courses it's given people the opportunity to learn new skills without the worry of money.  Giving away as much free content as I can and offering support is another way I've found to serve people which has helped me not feel lost and like somethings missing from my life.

I’m loving this new reality so much so I am still swaying towards closing down my service businesses for good and really enjoying the good life. 

My little tea and botanical drinks company is finally caught up with back orders as new orders start to flood in, online sales have side swiped me which I’m thrilled about, I love this business and crafting delicious drinks from natural, organic products that people love. 

As a spiritual bee and love personal growth and development I’ve been focusing a lot on myself, wellness and improving our life as a family which is something else I’ve missed so much.  Instead of planning menu’s for guests I’m focusing my time and energy on what more we can do for ourselves, I dabble in the garden but have never really had time to grow lots of our own food, this is something I’m focusing on too. 

You can join my Wellness Masterclass now for just £9 and learn the techniques I use to stay focused and positive through times of stress and overwhelm.

Let me know how I can help you.

Much love, stay safe, strong and positive

Erica x

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