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I’ve been absent from the blog for a few of weeks, I’ve been a bit busy doing everything I love!

It’s mid-February, usually by this time of winter I’m really struggling to stay out of hibernation mode and stay motivated, for the past 3 years about now I’ve questioned “What the hell am I doing”?   And had serious thoughts about giving up the farm sick of the cold, wet, constant struggle with mud and getting so disheartened looking at soggy animals and jobs that haven’t been finished.   I just get overwhelmed with it all plus the extra financial pressure of buying fodder and heating oil to keep the house warm not to mention humongous debt that I had to clear, I did get pretty miserable.

This year things are different, it’s still peeing down, very cold, loads of mud and there are still jobs that need finishing on the farm but for the first time in a few years I feel enlightened, positive and forward thinking.

I’m days away from the end of a horrendous bullshit four and a half year long court battle with the crown (least said at the moment the better, it just gets me angry) which has weighed me right down, caused me and my family massive stress and cost me tens of thousands to fight.  Anyway, not to dwell, I feel a massive weight lifted off my shoulders as the final days pass.

Now I can get back to doing what I love without feeling constantly weighed down, I’ve been in full throttle creative mode and absolutely loving it.

Making a full time living doing what you love is the best feeling in the world, I’m busy all day and often work 12 hours a day almost 7 days a week but it never feels like work.

My latest project I’ve been finishing off online courses that I’ve been putting together for a while, I love helping people get started with crafts, I love even more helping people start and grow rural or small enterprises that mean they can also make a living doing what they love and being the spiritual bee that I am, I love helping people with personal growth.

I’ve been publishing online courses for about 15 years, my first one I taught people how to sell on ebay it was a huge success and such an honour to help so many people start business they run for years after.

After so many years of being suppressed and focused on getting through my own troubles I’m so happy now to be able to focus on helping others again.

More exciting news from the farm! 

Over the last few years I’ve welcomed guest to the farm to stay in our holiday let and last year I opened the house as a bed and breakfast.  This year we’re trying something new and hosting weekend retreats.  I’m so excited about this new venture for a few reasons.  I can offer something  really special to my guests, I’ve developed the retreats so guests get plenty of relaxing time but also learn something, I love cooking for people and have created some amazing menus I can’t wait to serve.

There is another reason I changed my strategies this year, I loved running the holiday let and B&B but the B&B particularly was very tiring and with five bedrooms it was difficult to predict how many guests I’d have at any time so I found it difficult to manage along with my other businesses and, if I’m being truthful I started the B&B because I really needed to get everything I could out of all that I had and make as much money as I could to clear the debt and be financially free again as soon as possible, as much as I enjoyed it, it was more of a means to an end than something I really wanted to do.

Since I bought the farm I’ve wanted to create a sanctuary that people could visit and just take some time out, relax and enjoy the tranquillity.  Having suffered some awful mental health problems myself over the past few years I have been eternally grateful to have such an amazing tranquil place to heal, I wanted to offer this to other people.

So, this year I’m taking the plunge!  The retreats are much more streamlined and easier for me to manage, I can give my guests a wonderful experience and I don’t feel forced to do something because I need the money and have to run round like a headless chicken all year, the retreats are something I really want to do and I know I will put my heart in to and make them really special.

So, as the end of the worst month of the year approaches, I’m thankful that I didn’t give up and I’m grateful every day that I make a full time living doing what I love.

E x  

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