A Dream Is Just A Dream, Unless You Get Off Your Ass & Work For It

I’ve been seeing a lot online lately from so called Guru’s that, to reach your goals & dreams you simply have to manifest whatever it is that you want.  Having everything you dreamed of is just a case of creating a vision board, visualising your perfect life, focus on it, smile and poof as if by magic everything will fall on your lap.

I’m calling that out as bull shit!  I absolutely believe in manifesting, but that’s only 50% of the process.

To truly get what you want and achieve your dreams you have to understand both parts of the manifesting process and the other 50% is to get up and work for and towards your goal.

I have manifested every fine detail in my life, that includes the bad along with the good and I love it.  It’s amazing when something happens exactly how I visualised it, or I get something I’ve wanted or needed, or a complete stranger enters my life for a reason I’ve been thinking about – it could be a window cleaner, a new farm hand and even a lover!

But I’ve given my all to every single dream or goal, I’ve visualised it, set the intention and if I’ve truly wanted it to happen I’ve taken massive steps towards making it happen.  It would never have been enough for me to get to where I am today to just sit, visualise and hope it would magically manifest, I had to take massive action to help the process.

There is of course the other side to this, I know people who work their backside off their entire lives and don’t have much to show for it, they didn’t have a vision, they didn’t want something so much that they thought about it day in day out, they didn’t manifest anything.

Manifesting your dream shouldn’t be a difficult process, even though you’re working hard towards it, it’s something that should just feel right.  My typical day I work 12 hours, 7 days a week, but I find great joy in everything I do, work and play have become one.

I know exactly what I want in all areas of my life, I have my ultimate vision for the next 12 months but it’s not enough to know what you want in a short period you have to have a vision beyond your ultimate vision.   When you know what your aiming for and have set the intention you have to choose what to do everyday to accelerate the manifestation process.   

It’s not hard work or visualisation/manifestation………. It’s both!

I built my beautiful life by visualising, manifesting and working everyday towards my dream.  Then I went through what I now call Beautiful Destruction when it all came tumbling down.  Now I’m rebuilding beautiful through visualising, manifesting and working hard, and it’s more beautiful than it ever was before!

E x

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