A Decade Of Achievements

I had to take a while to reflect on the past decade partly because (like most of us, no doubt) I can’t believe 10 years have passed in the blink of an eye – oh God I sound like my Grandma!  But seriously where the hell have 10 years gone?  How am I, what feels like overnight, 10 years older?  Also, partly because a lot happened in that decade, some of it painful I didn’t want to relive and some achievements that I wanted time to bask in. 

Despite all the achievements the last decade was a disaster for me.  Both of my last living grandparents died, both my parents died, two of my close friends died and my cousin died by suicide.  I was convicted of a crime I didn’t commit and had a massive three year, very stressful legal battle.  The man I loved and bought my farm with turn out to be not the man I thought he was, and I ended the decade almost half a million pounds in debt.  Mix all that with a huge family fall out, having to move my entire farm three times in 4 years and battling through some pretty serious mental health issues, I’d say the last decade is best off left where it is………….. In the past!!

This future decade is going to be my decade of achievements!

I always do my “to achieve this year” lists which are split in to personal, business and financial. I break the lists down by time frames starting with quarters, then down to month by month, week by week until I have my daily goals, it helps me to stay focused gives me structure and I know I’ve achieved every day.  There are some big things I want to achieve this year the main one being keeping my farm!

Now I’ve had chance to sit down and assess where I am at the moment and think about the road ahead I feel really excited for the future.  Financially it’s going to be stressful for a while but with a bit of hard work I’m hopeful I’ll get through.

My biggest personal goal is to spend more time on selfcare.  When we are busy all the time its easy to neglect ourselves, making sure I’m eating properly, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep sound pretty basic but these are areas of my personal wellbeing I fall down, then I wonder why things start getting on top of me and I start feeling overwhelmed! I absolutely love spending time in my gardens, so I’m going to give myself more time to do things I enjoy. Make sure I make time for some time off and have some proper quality time with my daughters.

I love running my rural enterprises, this year I’m going to get my products out to more markets and build my online sales.  I have a couple of new ideas to add to my product line that I’ve been working on for a while, I’ve also been working on a line of supplements for about a year, this year I’m going to launch my new additions.

The farm is a constant work in progress, because I don’t really make any money from the farm and the whole objective for this year is to keep the farm I won’t be investing in this much, but there are a couple of things I want to achieve here.  New housing for our pigs before next winter and if I can manage it, I’d really like a small tractor before next winter to ease my workload through the most labour-intensive season.

Financial, I think it goes without saying I’m going to clear the last of the debt, which is going to take some hard work! It makes it so much easier that I love what I do and I’m doing it for myself.   

I do have additional things I want to achieve this year like growing more fruit and veg but the above are the most important ones for me this year.

How do you plan your moving forward for the year ahead?

E x

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