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If you didn't know by now, herbs and botanicals are my "Go to" for wellness. Also that I've had to deal with some pretty stressful situations in my life but particularly over the past 3 or 4 years.  There was a time when I was so stressed I honestly thought it was going to kill me, being the nonconformist that I am I don't believe in modern medicine or drugs that are quickly and easily handed out by our local GP's so, I will always look for other ways to heal not just myself but my family and animals too.

I've practised herbalism, aromatherapy, natural living etc for decades and have even developed businesses around them so it's easy for me to concoct a special herbal brew that will help with almost any ailment.

Herbal teas are so easy to make and cost pennies.  If you start getting a little collection of homegrown fresh herbs or dried herbs you'll be amazed how many different blends you can make.  Take a look at my herbal tea blending course for inspiration.

Stress is widely recognised as a direct cause of many illnesses, including hypertension, asthma, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome. The mind and body are deeply interconnected and when there is a surge of stress we release hormones which suppress our immune system.

There are many ways in which you can support the body through diet and lifestyle.  Using healing herbs help the body adapt to both physical and mental stress, they work by nourishing important parts of the body - the adrenal glands, which help balance the production of stress hormones helping us respond to stress triggers in a more balanced way.

This soothing, de-stress tea is so easy to make with flowers and herbs that restore balance and calm the mind.

Chamomile – Used for nervous problems and digestive disorders - stress often brings on digestive problems.  Chamomile helps to release tension in your neck and shoulders and relaxes the mind   

Lavender – Widely known for it’s relaxing properties lavender is an excellent tonic for the nervous system

Spearmint -  Calms and relaxes the digestive system as well as opening the mind and lifting heaviness of a stressed mind

Hemp leaf – This is my favourite!  I use hemp for, just about everything and consider myself a bit of a hemp expert.  Hemp leaf contain very little CBD which is not water soluble so to extract CBD content from hemp leaves they have to be blended with an oil first such as coconut oil.  This isn’t necessary for a tea blend the hemp leaf can just be steeped as normal with your other herbs.  Hemp uplifts and provides a more positive outlook on life (and no you cannot get high from hemp)!

To Make the perfect cup of de-stress tea

  • 2 tbs  Hemp leaf (dried)
  • 2 tsp Lavender
  • 1 tsp Chamomile
  • 3/ 4   Fresh mint leaves

Put all the ingredients into a teapot or infuser pot ( you can also use a cafetiere) add just off the boil water, leave to steep for 2-5 mins depending on your taste.  Pour into your favourite cup, sit back relax and enjoy.

TIP:  You can also add this blend to your bath for a relaxing de-stress soak.

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