The Surprising Way I Make Money From my Small Farm!

I’ve lived this smallholdinging life for almost 20 years.

From my little garden that I was so proud of in my ex-council house garden - the first house I purchased.

To my current 40 acre farm- with a lot more gardens and livestock.

Through all that I always had a dream of being self-sufficient. I dreamed of earning my living from my holding & producing enough food to feed my family.

Over the years I’ve started multiple businesses from scratch on a shoestring budget and earned money in many different ways.

I’ve sold my organic eggs from chickens, ducks, and quail- for eating and for hatching. I’ve sold lambs and produce, cut flowers, fresh herbs. I’ve blended herbal teas, made natural candles. I’ve sold at markets, exhibitions and food festivals, plus many, many more.

Through the years of different ventures I started something that took me by surprise and it came at exactly the right time!

What was it? 

You are reading it - This little blog! The Woman That Farms, where I ramble about my farm life, family and little Scottie dogs. This little blog morphed in to something I never dreamed of and is now a place I teach others all the skills and knowledge I’ve learned over the past 18 years.

I used to teach my skills on a local level in workshops and retreats at my small farm but the power of the internet means I can now share my skills across the world.

This all came to me after losing all my service businesses because of covid and lockdown, resulting in having to cancel every single one of my workshops.

I get asked a lot how to make money from a smallholding. My answer is always to diversify and be prepared to work hard at what you are doing.

I also know online income opportunities  are often overlooked, which is a big mistake- especially at this moment when online business is booming.

If you have a skill you can teach others-  and you are not utilising that you are missing out on a really decent income. You can teach anything you have genuine knowledge or skills on.


I have written a blog for years because I love to write but didn’t start making an income from my blog until earlier this year... what a waste! 

You may have noticed that my blog isn’t crammed full of annoying video ads that slow down your browser and external links that take you all over the web.  These are affiliate links that bloggers earn a little extra money from, I don’t have them because they annoy me when I visit a website and I like to keep my website clean.

So, how do I make money from my blog when so many others are using thousands of affiliate links on their website?

I write content that people want to read, I give away as much free content as I can, I teach people how to make real money from a blog by learning how to write and sell their own online courses and I produce online courses that teach people other skills – anything from dog training to candle making!

I’ve been writing and selling online courses for just about 17 years but never as a full-time endeavour.  You see I really love being on the farm, I loved my service businesses and I love being in the gardens so I never really gave online courses much time.  Then lockdown happened and wiped out all my service businesses, my income was slashed and the investment I’d made lost.

Luckily, I still had my Amazon FBA business which took off ten fold, my herbal tea business and this blog.  So, I started writing and producing online courses, I would never have survived without the online courses, still being in March when lockdown happened I was still winter feeding so I had fodder to buy, bedding for my 11 stables and the big cattle wintering barn of course there were also winter household bills like heating (this house is bitter and draughty with no heating) and I’d just paid suppliers for my B&B and tearoom food and supplies – of which all the bookings I had to refund!

This year I have a big roof to fix before winter and I need to buy in my winter fodder, I wouldn’t be able to do any of that if I didn’t have this extra income and that’s not to mention jobs that need doing next year.

So, if you are thinking of ways to make an extra living whether its just a few pounds for some little luxuries or you need to make some real money for a major project you have coming up, I would recommend taking a look Amazon FBA and online courses, one other big bonus from both of these ideas is the time freedom.  Other than a few hours a week the businesses run themselves so I can still spend my days out on the farm and in the gardens growing our food.  

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