Six Little Money Mindset Tips

A money mindset is your unique and individual set of core beliefs about money and how money works in the world.

It is your attitude about money. Your money mindset shapes what you believe you can and cannot do with money, how much money you believe you’re allowed, entitled, and able to earn, how much you can and should spend, the way you utilize debt, how much money you give away, and your ability to invest with confidence and success.

So, what if I said to you, you could become wealthy by simply changing the way you think about money – your mindset?

Growing up I was surrounded by poor people.  By that I mean, everyone in my life at the time had a poor person mentality, including me. Most of my family were stuck in scarcity they were constantly scrambling for pounds, stressed out about bills, complaining about the government stealing from them, and say things like everyone’s got their hands in your pocket. We rarely had days out, never went to the cinema or had treats, nice clothes, holidays etc.

But as I got older and started to change my circle I realised money wasn’t “evil” and life didn’t have to be hard, just surviving from pay day to pay day, I wanted more from life than being poor, I wanted abundance in all areas of my life not just financial – but I had to shift my money mindset first and break the scarcity mentality.

Anyone can break out of the scarcity mentality and create a shift in the energy around them. We become like the people around us, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before “ Your network is your net worth” but the only person you can change is yourself, so that’s where you have to focus.

Here are six ways to turn that money frown upside down.

Reality Check. True abundance starts with appreciating everything you already have and start right now. So, if you want out of that scarcity mentality, you’ve got to start appreciating what you’ve already got and make it a habit.  If you can’t think of anything, then think again!  You’ve got a roof over your head, you have clean running water, and you have food in your belly. You attract what you focus on, if you constantly focus on lack you will attract more lack, if you focus on what you already have, the abundance around you, you will attract more abundance.

Get a transformative mantra. That’s just a simple phrase you put on automatic repeat that transforms your money mindset.  Anytime you part with money, whether you’re paying a bill or you’re buying something, say this, “There’s always more where that came from.” This might sound silly, but there is real power in the words that we say to ourselves and immense power in rituals. This is something I personally use to overcome my own scarcity mentality around money, and I still use it to this day.

Create your own luxury.  Which is kind of the same as fake it till you make it!  Make nice dinners at home, I don’t just mean food – plate it beautifully, light some candles, wear something nice.   Create some lovely spa products and treat yourself to a relaxing spa evening.  Have a cinema night at home with treats and a nice bottle of wine.  When you do luxurious things and feel abundant whilst your enjoying them you will attract more of the same in to your life.      

Watch your language.  Be conscious about the words you use and things you say – even to yourself.  Saying things like “I can’t afford that” keeps you in a scarcity mentality, change that to “How can I afford that”, it’s so much more empowering and immediately makes you start thinking about what you could do to raise the money to buy the thing you want.  You also start visualising yourself with that thing which makes this process even more powerful.

Knowledge is key.  Read books about money, listen to audios or go to seminars, do this until you’ve got your money mindset together.  Don’t just read and listen, implement what you are learning – you have to take action, just wishing doesn’t get anybody anywhere take actionable steps towards your money goals.

Spread the wealth. This may seem counterintuitive and will definitely feel uncomfortable the first time you do this but hear me out - anytime you’re feeling a lack around money, you’ve got to give some away. So for example, if you catch yourself in major scarcity mode, you should donate a little bit of money to a cause you believe in.  Another way to spread the wealth is to just be generous with your friends and family. There’s something amazing about saying, “My treat.” Even if it’s for something simple like a coffee or a home cooked meal.

You cannot change your family or friends attitude towards their money mentality, but you can be a living demonstration of a more abundant reality.

I hope this helps, I would love to hear from you, have you broken out of a scarcity mentality around money? If so, how did you do it?  I would also love to know which of these six strategies resonated the most with you and which can you put into practice starting right now?

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Keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only you have.


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