How to get perfect aromatic spa towels at home

Have you ever been to a spa for a day or may be you've been lucky enough to stay a few days?
A couple of years ago I was a member of a beautiful spa in the tranquil Scottish Borders countryside about an hour away from the farm.  I'd travel over two or three times a week through spring and summer when I have a little more time and felt more inclined to go out.
Spending a couple of hours in that spa saved my mental health!
Included with my membership was full use of all the facilities.. large pool, hydrospa, three different steam rooms, hot tubs, sauna - you get the picture!  Towels, robes and slippers were provided and always smelt divine!
It was pure luxury.  I loved it.
However, my membership came to an end and I didn't renew but I've never forgotten the heavenly aromatic smell of those towels.  Every time I got out of the shower or relaxing bath I'd think about those warm, fluffy aromatic towels.
I never thought to ask how they got their towels smelling so lovely and searched the internet but much to my dismay couldn't find anything.
I tried all kinds of different things through the drier, sprayed with essential oils before and after drying but nothing seemed to work.
Then one summers day I had my aroma-diffuser turned on with my favourite essential oil blend right underneath my drying rack loaded with towels.  Later when I was folding and putting away the dried towels I noticed they smelled faintly just like the spa towels!
I thought about this for a while.  The scent from the essential oils just wasn't quite strong enough I needed to put the towels in an enclosed space with the aroma-diffuser.  I don't have an airing cupboard but I do have a very large shoe cupboard in my dressing room and being a farmer I have a large collection of farm boots and wellies in the boot room but only two or three pairs of decent or "best" shoes!
So, I set my shoe cupboard up as an aroma room for my towels!
Now I have perfect smelling spa towels every time I shower. 

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  • What a lovely idea! I am going to try this as soon as I get an essential oil diffuser. Can’t wait! Thank you!

    Suzanne Lane

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